I Am David Brothers Dot Com and I have:
-a now-defunct comics blog, 4thletter!.
-an idle thoughts tumblr that updates erratically
-spent a lot of time tweeting rap music and the black condition @hermanos.
-been taking pictures of whatever catches my eye on instagram.

I Am David Brothers, dot com, and:
-I wrote for the three-time Eisner nominated website ComicsAlliance for three years, with a focus on art, action, and the portrayal of race in comics.
-I've written about varying levels of sexualization in comics art, race and video games, and race and video game production for Kotaku, the latter two in concert with Evan Narcisse.
-I wrote about the significance of Steve Ditko & Stan Lee's Spider-Man for The Atlantic, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Amazing Spider-Man #1.
-I've also been published by Publisher's Weekly, Wired, GamesRadar, Hardcore Gamer Magazine, Marvel Comics, Archaia, Playboy, and more.

I am David Brothers--dot com!--and I:
-live in 510, but rep 478.
-love Flu Game Jordan XIIs more than any others.
-worked in the video game industry from 2003-2013, first as a journalist before transitioning to production/marketing in 2006.
-currently work in the comic book industry.

I am David Brothers and:
-the name's ironic, and the swagger's laconic.
-I got a lot out of Vince Staples's Summertime '06 album.
-I'm not as mean as they say I am.
-you can email me at 4thletter@gmail if you'd like to talk to me.